Vegan sauces and pizzas

To complement a vegan dish, we offer a selection of vegan sauce alternatives; from trditional Ajvar sauces to pasta sauces, confined delights and mayonnaises. 


PizzaMi offers an extensive range of delicious 100% natural and vegan pizzas and focaccias. It combines high quality gluten-free ingredients, a mixture of eleven different types of flour, vegetable fibers and starches with the best Italian culinary tradition. 

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BIOLOGICA 111910158630
foto BASE PIZZA vaschetta pizzami 111910158581
PizzaMI LaFormaggi 3d 111910158552
PizzaMI BasePizzaCavolfiore 3d 111910158505
PIZZA SACCHETTO 2021 3D 111910158479
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Daiya Pizzas

Daiya Vegan pizzas are gluten, lactose and soy free ready to bake deep frozen oven pizzas

00201US Daiya Vegetable Crust Pizza Meatless Pepperoni Style with Jalapeo 14.3 oz 405 g v0.00 300dpi 111912930817
00200US Daiya Vegetable Crust Pizza Italian Herbs Cheeze Style 13.47 oz 382 g v0.00 300dpi 111912930787
00199US Daiya Gluten free Pizza Meatless Meat Lovers 19.1 oz 542 g v1.00 300dpi 111912930744
00182US Daiya Gluten free Pizza Supreme 19.4 oz 550 g v1.00 300dpi 111912930690
00132US Daiya Gluten free Pizza Cheeze Lovers 15.7 oz 444 g v1.00 300dpi 111912930646

A range of vegan mayonnaises, which are rich in taste and texture. Based on more than 70% rapeseed oil, creating a smooth character. Flavours; natural, aioli and truffle. Offered in 900ml and 450ml squeeze bottle and 2,5L bucket. Dispensing units also available.


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