Vegan cheese & dairy-free products

We offer a wide variety of vegan cheese products from blocks, shredded, slices, creams, wedges to specialty cheeses. Within the vegan dairy range we offer vegan yoghurts, butter, and drinks based on almonds and oat.



Naturli is an innovative, hip, and progressive brand from Denmark, with unique products; organic vegan butter spread & bloc, organic oat and almond based drinks and yoghurts. 


EN oats for coffee 111913451653
EN organic almond drink 111913451637
EN oat fiber beta glucan 111913451687
EN oat cocoa 111913451732
EN oat plus calcium 111913451671
EN organic oat zero 111913451618
Naturli 990ml Drik Packshot 111942553353
Naturli organic spreadable 225gr 111913451471
Naturli organic vegan block 200gr 111913451455

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The Vly No Milk Today offers vegan alternatives for milk in 3 different versions: original, unsweetend and Barista.

VLY Overview Original 111912933336
VLY BARISTA 111912933263
VLY Ungessst 111912933211

Dream&Joya is an economic plant-based drinks brand. Their  focus on health shows with 0% added suger on all variants and low-fat options througout the range. 

1660 JoyaOrganicSoyaPure PNG 111911814909
2100 JoyaMandelBarista PNG 111911814951
2332 JOYA Hafer 0 PNG 111911814884
37005000 DJ Almond Oat PNG 111911814842
2891 2333 JoyaReis0Sugar PNG 111911814865
32001000 JoyaDreamAlmond0Sugar PNG 111911814803
32608000 JoyaDreamAlmond0Sugar PNG 111911814782
35005000 Dream Joya Rice Almond Hazelnut Drink EU South 111911814754

MozzaRisella is a plant-based alternative for mozzarella, based on brown rice grown and sprouted in Italy.

Mozzarisella classic EN render 111912934685
mozzar spread 500g usa 111912934551
Mozzarisella smoked EN render 111912934474
mozzar cheddar usa 111912934399
mozzar blue 500g usa 111912934369
catering size mozzarisella cream Chilled IQF 111912934320
Daiya Cheese

Daiya offers a variety of gluten and soy free vegan cheeses. The range is offered in block, schredded and sliced variety. Along with two cream cheese options.

00370EU Daiya Cutting Board Shreds Mild Cheddar Style 200 g v0.00 300dpi 111912929401
00320US Daiya Cutting Board Shreds Mozzarella Style 7.1 oz 200 g v1.00 300dpi 111912929354
00012US Daiya Blocks Medium Cheddar Style 7.1 oz 200 g v0.00 300dpi 111912929275
00062EU Daiya Slices Mild Cheddar Style 200 g v0.00 WEB 111912929164
00107US Daiya Cream Cheeze Style Spread Plain 8 oz 227 g v0.00 WEB 111912929123
00109US Daiya Cream Cheeze Style Spread Chive Onion 8 oz 227 g v0.00 WEB 111912929105
Charly's all is fair

A compact range of vegan specialty cheese creams and parmesan shreds.


Charlys Cream Cheese 3 x varieties 111913451284
Charlys Karmasan 100gr 111913451322
Charlys Cream Cheese Spices Onions 111913451308
Charlys Cream Cheese Garlic Herbs 111913451296

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Vegan deli


A wide range of 100% plant-based cheese and cold cuts for both retail as well as for foodservice. Also offering “log” packaging for self slicing and shredding.


vegan cheese breaded snacks 111942555996
vegan cheese slices 111942555978
vegan cold cuts 111942555961
vegan sausages 111942555942
vegan toppings 111942555924

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