Vegan bakery & desserts

Our portfolio of frozen breads contains both organic and vegan products, ranging from potato based hamburger buns to specialty and small, large and breakable breads.

For a vegan dessert, we can ispire you with a range of exquisite tarts, cakes and non-dairy ice-cream flavors.

Carl Siegert


Baking incredible organic and vegan bread products within a family heritage of more than 200 years. Offering artisanal bread and buns. Special potato bun for the vegan hamburger. Supplier by Royal appointment.


63008 buerli pompoen 111942549030
63012 buerli streng wit 111942549006
63066 quadrino mini bruin 111942548987
63102 kloostermopviergranen 111942548969
63115 osirisbroodjes olij 111942548954
63162 gigabolgesnedenwit 111942548936
63200 molensteen bruin 111942548916
63249 engadiner landbrood volkoren 111942548894
63253 Bonckelaer olijfbrushetta 111942548874
63284 pallisade provencales 111942548848
63351 painqnipbruin 111942548830
63398 ladule wit 111942548811
63451 echtbroodjeaap bruin 111942548791
63502 broodstaart bruin 111942548771
63632 zonneglorenbruin 111942548747
Gesneden Waallander Volkoren Gesneden Frontkl 111942548719
Black beauty Hamburgerbol 111942548375
gigabol potato 111942548695
quadrinomaxi bruin 111942548674
wurfelwit 111942548654

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Daiya Desserts

Daiya offers a range of delicious vegan frozen cheesecakes 

00136US Daiya Cheezecake New York 14.1 oz 400 g v1.00 300dpi 111912931841
00138US Daiya Cheezecake Chocolate 14.1 oz 400 g v1.00 300dpi 111912931800
00139US Daiya Cheezecake Strawberry 14.1 oz 400 g v1.00 300dpi 111912931771
00137US Daiya Cheezecake Key Lime 14.1 oz 400 g v1.00 300dpi 111912931746
Gerybe by Alkepa


Tasteful range of 100% vegan frozen tarts, cakes and snack bars; free from eggs, dairy and gluten.


amaranth and pistachio snack 111942548015
bar 111942547999
choco and hazelnuts vegan tart 111942547967
chocolate caramel 111942547949
choco mint tart 111942547928
coconut and green matcha 111942547901
cranberries and poppyseeds 111942547883
forest berries tart 111942547847
macha 111942547825
rasberry mmm 111942547791
rocky road 111942547767
set of desserts no 111942547745
spirulina 111942547724
tiramisu 111942547693

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Naturli is an innovative, hip, and progressive brand from Denmark, with an incredible range of vegan ice-cream varieties, soft-ice and cones. Available in 150ml, 500ml and 5L packaging.


cEGdwMIQ 111942547489
naturli blackcurrant 111942547416
jpL2iN7A 111942547469
naturli chocolate caramel rum 111942547362
lLtVyuAw 111942547455
naturli salty caramel 111942547244
vFtJPxmg 111942547437
vegan ice cream ass

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